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Latest News from The Westbrooks

October 2002
Yes, here we are again. It's been six months since our last update to the site. And now that we're finally adding some more content, we're changing the look of the site yet again! Why, do you ask? I'm glad you asked! Here are a few reasons for thost that care:

  • Bruce disliked the old site's plain look
  • Bruce felt like doing some more html work
  • Lisa wanted dogs on her site - chocolate labs, to be specific
  • Lisa wanted to be able to add content easily. Since Bruce strongly dislikes MS FrontPage, he found the next easiest thing to do would be to use SSI includes. This left Lisa simply needing to add content to a text file and then run a script to upload it to the site. So far, so good!
  • Bruce didn't have anything else to do (yea right!)

We hope you enjoy the look and feel of the new site. I really like the soft blue colors (Lisa would prefer chocolate labs all over the site, but she's OK with this instead :). I don't entirely like the square angles on the site, so I'm going to work on rounding the corners at some point. Other than that, enjoy!


(In this area we will be adding any breaking news we'd like to share with our family and friends.)

As of , there's nothing significant happening - except of course, that you're sitting there looking at our website!

10/2/2002 - Site Revised - AGAIN!
Yes, once again, I've revamped the site. I changed the entire look and feel of the site. The previous site had DHTML menus, which gave me something new to play with, but I just didn't like the way they flowed. So now, I'm back to regular text links - not even graphical buttons.

I also removed the so-called "logo" that we had on the previous site. I'm really not much of a graphical person, so it wasn't much of anything. Again, like the links, I'm back to text. I would like to find a good looking graphical logo to brand our site with, but we haven't found anything that's really caught our eye yet. I've been thinking of the Westbrook coat of arms as a possibility.

We have added a ton of new pictures. You can start here for a directory of various groupings.

That's it for now. But I think with the new ease of updating this content, Lisa will probably be making much more frequent updates than I have up to this point. So enjoy the new look, check back frequently and keep in touch!

3/31/2002 - Mocha Comes Home!
(I've decided to leave these home page posts alone, to keep a history of what's changed here. Kind of a journal for our website.)

We have a new puppy! There are several new pictures on the site now, where you can see our new little dark chocolate lab, Mocha.

I also fixed our logo, so it's now transparent with the background...although, I'm not entirely pleased with the logo itself. I'm going to work on it some more in the future.

Finally, I've revamped my personal web pages here. I am considering redoing the rest of the site in a similar manner. The colors on my new site are rather pleasing to the eye, I think. The moon and clouds make a very crisp image, but the image is cut up into several pieces, which makes the loading of the page appear a bit strange, especially for those on a slow Internet connection.

Original Post - Brought New Site Online 3/7/2002
Ok, ok. It was about time we revamped our old legacy website, and did something different. We'll have something to say here soon, but we don't know what and we don't know when. There are a few pages up and running, so have a peek...but most of this is just a placeholder for now.

I do need to fix the logo as you can see...not quite smooth enough with the background.

In the meantime, enjoy the quotes at the bottom of the page. At least I got that far!

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