This is where all the odds and ends wind up. Some will be funny and some will be insane. Some might be offensive, so beware. After all isn't life about taking credit for someone else's discovery and claiming it as your own? :)

Driving Lessons

This is a hilarious cartoonish short that teaches us how we should drive, and all the reasons why we shouldn't. You'll see what I mean!

Priceless Date

Ok, this is one that may offend some with the sexual tone (consider yourself warned), but there's no nudity or anything like that and it's far too funny not to share!

Dancing 101

Do you not know how to dance but really want to learn? You've got to see this to believe it!

Digital Art

Very cool digital art and photography.

LDS Church

Ok, you may not believe it, but we are Latter-Day Saints (Mormons). While we do have strong religious beliefs, we tend to lean towards a more relaxed view of some religious constraints, so to speak. :) We believe that our experiences in this life can teach us much more then reading or being preached to alone could ever do. As such, we do our best to enjoy life, have fun and enjoy our experiences in this life. This site is the official site of the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

What do Mormons Believe?

For an excellent site detailing our religious beliefs, visit here.

Bruce's Business

Bruce owns a technical consulting business on the side. Check it out here!

Our hosting provider

Tiger Technologies is a great hosting provider! See our page about them, with links to their site.

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