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♥ Dedicated To My Dad ♥

This song will always remind me of my dad. Scott & I took a road trip in 1988 to visit dad after 13 years of not being able to have any contact with him. Dad was watching MTV with us and this song came on…I remember dad saying how much he loved this song. I love you dad and miss you so much. ♥♥


♥ I’m Gonna Love You Through It

This song is my life right now…I love you Bruce.  I’m a strong and feisty woman, but some days Bruce has to be the strong and feisty one for me.

I am scared to death that I won’t have the privilege to watch my 3 children graduate, marry, and have babies of their own.  I am forever grateful to Bruce for taking such excellent care of me and not making me feel like a burden.  When you are told you have Cancer…your whole world stops.  I know how difficult it is for me to handle, but I can’t imagine how difficult it must be for Bruce and the kids.  They are my rock, my world, my life and they are the reasons I fight to beat this Cancer every day.

♥ Your Eyes…

The eyes are the doorway to the soul!! I get so lost…days past and this emptiness fills my heart!!