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♥ I Prayed For You Today

I prayed for you today.
I sent you good thoughts,
surrounded you with
hope and faith and love.
I asked that you be prepared
for whatever life hands you
or whatever your going through.
I asked that your spirit be
strong and lead you and guide
you each step of the way down
every path you take.
I asked God to show you His
perfect way. I prayed for you today.

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♥ A Woman Is

A woman is a sight of beauty
The curve of her smile
The sparkle in her eyes

The warmth of her mouth as it presses tenderly against your skin
The wetness of her treasure
The joy of her pleasure

A woman is a sight of beauty
When she is entwined in the arms of her lover
For you will see the joys of forever

Written by yours truly: Lisa Westbrook