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♥ My Genetic Testing

Good news, my genetic test for the mutated P16 gene came back.  No mutation…WooHoo!!  At least I have some peace knowing that my babies don ‘t have to worry about being in a high risk group for pancreatic cancer.  They do however, have to worry about Melanoma.  Since I have had 2 primary Melanoma’s, they are automatically put in a high risk group.  Hopefully, with early monitoring they will never have to deal with the ugly monster of Melanoma. 


♥ Genetic Testing For P16 Mutation

On Tuesday, May 8th,  I had my blood drawn for my genetic testing for the mutated P16 gene. I’m already in the “special” high risk group because I’ve had 2 primary Melanoma’s. If I test positive for this mutated gene, it bumps up my likelihood of having more primary Melanoma’s as well as recurrent ones, not to mention I would be placed in the “high risk” group for Pancreatic cancer to boot. I’m a tough cookie, but man do I need a break from all this cancer crap. If I do test postivie for this mutation, then it’s possible my brother and his daughters, as well as my 3 babies carry this mutation. I won’t know anything for about 2 very long weeks.


♥ Another One Bites The Dust

My biopsy came back being mildly dysplastic with clear margins. Another bad mole bites the dust.

The more bad moles removed the better. Dysplastic means the mole cellular structure is changing. These dysplastic moles are the ones that tend to become cancerous. Clear margins mean they removed it all. I have had 28 moles removed since October 2009. 2 were Melanoma’s, 13 were dysplastic, 1 was inconclusive, and 12 were normal.

I will be having my blood drawn soon for my genetic testing.  I’m slightly antsy about this, but then I think about my kids and I know I am doing the right thing.  My children ARE my universe.