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♥ All Is Quiet

On Monday, I had my 6 month mole mapping. The skin cancer doc said my moles are “quiet”, which is a good thing. But, I had to have 2 unknown lumps removed and sent off for biopsy. The small lump (on my face just below my lower lip) was something she originally froze off in June but it grew back. The large lump was on the back of my heel and the size of a nickel.

I have one more 6 month mole mapping (as long as all stays “quiet”) and then I can go on a yearly check up maintenance plan. Smile

I’m so happy & hopeful. Things are looking good!!!  ♥


♥ Great News

Last week Friday, I received the news I’ve been waiting for.  My mole biopsy came back clean.  So now I can relax and enjoy the summer, at least until the end of August when my next mole mapping is. 


♥ Be Positive, Think Positive

My dentist is sending me to an Oral Surgeon. The spot on the back of my throat is better but there is still something there. So to be on the safe side, she wants me to be seen by a specialist. Considering my history with cancer, it’s best to error on caution.

To add more fun to my week, my skin cancer doc was able to fit me in for this Friday afternoon to remove the changing mole. It will be my 29th mole removed to date.

I’m doing my best to be positive, think postive, and not say “FUCK IT, I give up”. 

I don’t want to do this anymore, I don’t want to see any more doctors, and I don’t want any more scoop scars from where a damn mole was removed.  I just want this to all stop!!  

♥ F’ing Moles

I’ve been watching this mole get darker & bigger for the last 6 months. Time to call doc to have her remove and biopsy it. 





♥ Another One Bites The Dust

My biopsy came back being mildly dysplastic with clear margins. Another bad mole bites the dust.

The more bad moles removed the better. Dysplastic means the mole cellular structure is changing. These dysplastic moles are the ones that tend to become cancerous. Clear margins mean they removed it all. I have had 28 moles removed since October 2009. 2 were Melanoma’s, 13 were dysplastic, 1 was inconclusive, and 12 were normal.

I will be having my blood drawn soon for my genetic testing.  I’m slightly antsy about this, but then I think about my kids and I know I am doing the right thing.  My children ARE my universe.