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♥ The Dog Father

I found this dog toy head laying on my side of the bed when I came back from the bathroom. It’s clearly a message from The Dog Father. Lol


♥ My Wild Kingdom

Okay…so we don’t live in Africa, but one would think we did after witnessing my animals 2 years ago.  I am finally getting around to telling my tale of adventure with Dozer and Willow in honor of our beloved Willow.

On this one beautiful fall day, I let Dozer outside to run around the front yard while leaving the front door cracked just a little. In the process, one of my neighbors was taking her little “football” dog for a walk.  As they came closer to my house I had to put Dozer on the porch in order to keep him from “eating” the little “football”. Well, while my neighbor and I were conversing, Dozer got around me and charged after this little “football”. As I called off Dozer and got him by the collar, I hear this “whish”. I look over my shoulder to see Willow my cat jumping the steps of the porch and pouncing onto this little “football”. She starts to punch and hiss at this dog. So now I am yelling at Willow to stop as my neighbor and I stand there shocked and stunned at my little Willow beating up her dog.

So now I have Dozer by the collar in one hand and I am now trying to pick up my cat in the other hand all the while apologizing to my neighbor. She picked up her dog and kindly says she was going home now. How embarrassing for me to have my two animals beat up her “football” dog.

As I told the story to my family, everyone starts busting a gut, to which then the kids have to go down to see our neighbor and her dog. She thankfully was laughing about it as much as we were. We are now known as the home with the Wild Kingdom Animals…RAWR!! Walk past our home at your own risk!!!