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♥ If I Only Knew Then…

October 2004

October 2008

August 2010

If I only knew then when I was 16 about Melanoma and what my future would hold… 

My scars are beautiful!  They tell a story of everything I’ve been through, and of how brave and strong I am!

Please take the time to watch the video below…it is so very important!!


♥ Good News

Good news…my results came back, no Melanomas.  All 3 moles were dysplastic AKA atypical (meaning the cells were changing – more prone to become Melanomas).  So thus far 26 moles removed with 12 being normal moles, 12 being dysplastic moles, and 2 being Melanoma’s.  It’s a good thing I am staying on top of them.


♥ Hot Mess

I’m a hot mess!!  Recently I’ve been diagnosed as severely deficient in Vitamin D and we are now waiting on the lab results to find out where my Vitamin B12 levels are.  Since I had to have my Ileum removed in June of 2010 due to a tumor on the Ileum, my body no longer can absorb the Vitamin B12.  I will have to have Vitamin B12 shots for the rest of my life.

So now I am taking 50,000 units of Vitamin D once a week for 12 weeks, then I drop to 2,000 units a day for the rest of my life.  At the end of August my doctor will run more lab work again to see where my Vitamin D levels are, just to make sure my body is absorbing what I am taking in.

All this plus waiting for my 3 mole biopsies to come back has me more than frustrated.  I’m praying that the Halo mole that was removed is not a malignant Melanoma.

A Halo Mole (Halo Nevus) is visible as a white halo effect around a brown spot or mole — can also be associated with melanoma.  In these cases, the brown spot seems to be disappearing, but actually the body is attacking the mole or a more lethal process is actually under way — the melanoma is digging deeper leaving less of it on the surface.

I am a woman who is always so full of life and vigor but with all my health issues I’m struggling lately.  Just when I think I can catch my breath…BAM, I’m dealing with another health issue.

I can’t even go into all my heartbreaks this year or I will break down sobbing.  This has been a very harsh year thus far for me.  I can only pray that good will come my way to heal my body and my heart.

♥ Love Your Skin

I hope those who know me or who are reading my blog for various reason learn one thing from me.  That is to be good to your skin and to love it.  Don’t misuse your skin by going into the tanning beds or laying out in the sun without sunscreen on.  The damage you do to your skin may not show up for several years down the road.  If you want a tan, use the sunless tanning lotions.

I had 3 more moles taken off today…that makes a total of 26 moles removed since October of 2009. Now we wait for the biopsies to come back. One of the moles she said was worrisome as it had a halo around it. A halo around a mole may mean the immune system recognizing a Melanoma. This is a life long battle that I just have to stay on top of.

I already have 2 large Melanoma scars along with 24 scoop scars from where they had to remove a mole for biopsy.  My scars are my daily reminder of my mistreatment of my skin.  So love your skin and your skin will love you for it.

♥ Doctors, Moles, Blood Test & More

So today I went to my regular doctor for a check up.  An hour later I walked out of the doctors office wondering if an 80 year old person took over my body.  I had to have an EKG done, blood work done to check my liver, kidneys, thyroid, and for anemia.  She wants to rule out Anemia for the symptoms I am experiencing.  The fact I bruise without any force, extreme tiredness, not feeling well most of the time, getting sick easily, and borderline hypertension…she is a little concerned with everything I have gone thru over the past 2 years.

I personally think I am so run down from all the unnecessary stress in my life that my body is getting back at me.  Hopefully all the test come back good and I am given a prescription to rest and relax.

On May 18th, I have yet another appointment with my skin cancer doctor to have yet another mole looked at and possibly removed.  This mole looks worrisome like the rest of my dysplatic moles…so the earlier it gets removed, the better it is.  I hope!!