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♥ Who Won?

We’re not really sure who won the battle…the bear or Gunner?  LOL

♥ The Dog Father

I found this dog toy head laying on my side of the bed when I came back from the bathroom. It’s clearly a message from The Dog Father. Lol


♥ It’s A Dogs Life

I woke up this morning with the sounds of Gunner snoring away like a lumber jack.  You would think by the way he is past out on my bed that he was up all night partying.  LOL 

Ahhh, to have a dogs life in my house, spoiled rotten. 


♥ I’m A Foster Parent

Yeap…as if 3 teenagers, and 2 large Labrador Retriever’s weren’t enough.  I am now a foster mom for my girlfriends dog, Brutus.  Brutus is an 8 year old Labrador mix, who loves to cuddle, take long walks along the beach and is rather frisky for his age.

I’m not sure how long Brutus will be with us, but for now, he is being loved up and spoiled.

Gunner is on the left & Brutus is on the right

Dozer is the black lab, Brutus is in the middle, and Gunner is the yellow (golden) lab at the end