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♥ Happy Birthday Eric

On March 28 my brother Eric would have been 43 years old.  Eric was a good man who loved his family and his country.  I miss him everyday, but take great comfort knowing I will see him again.

One of the best things he ever did was join the Marines and then the National Guard.

Here’s to you Eric!!  Ooh-rah & Hooah!!!

I love you!!!

♥ Happy 14th Nicole

Happy 14th Birthday my little Ne-Ne!!  No matter how old you get, you will always be my little baby!!  I love you!!  ♥ Cake

My original due date for Nicole was March 2, 1997.  I was hopeful that this pregnancy was going to be easier then Alec & Courtney’s, but at 10 weeks along, I was place on bed rest.  I kept measuring a week larger then the due date, which prompted several ultrasounds to make sure everything was alright.  On February 18, 1997 I went into the hospital with severe back labor, which is when I found out Nicole was not in the correct position.  When I went into the hospital I was dilated to a 5 and 50% effaced, so I had to walk for an hour which only made my dilation a 6 and 75% effaced.  To help the dilation move along faster, the doctor on call shoved his fist up in me.  This my friends, hurt like a bitch, but it did move things along much faster.  Once they broke my water and hard labor started, I was not allowed any pain meds yet again.  Nicole was born in 2 1/2 hours at 4:49 am.  The doctor almost dropped her because she came out so fast with only 1 1/2 pushes.  She is my last labor of love for eternity!!  ♥

♥ Happy 15th Courtney

Happy 15th Birthday to my beautiful Courtney Lyn Westbrook!!  I love you!! ♥ Cake

Courtney you are my little Pooh bear!! ♥

At 13 weeks of pregnancy I was put on bed rest and at 19 weeks she had dropped down…we were so scared she was going to come way too early.  When I was 21 weeks along  I started to have contractions, so they put me on Breathaline to stop the contractions.   At 28 weeks, I had developed  ‘preeclampsia’ and  was now going in for non-stress tests weekly.   At 33 weeks, I was dilated to a 2, thinning, and having contractions.  Courtney’s due date was February 3rd, 1996.

On February 4th my contractions were 7 minutes apart until 12:30am on February 5th.  That is when we left for the hospital.  Once I got to the hospital I was dilated to an 8 and 100% effaced.  They had to call the doctor before they could brake my water.  Once they broke my water Courtney was born 20 minutes later at 2:38am.  As with Alec’s labor, I could not have any pain meds, which again, I felt everything.  This is when I realized that natural contractions vs. induced contractions are so much easier, less intense and a lot less painful.  Another labor of LOVE for eternity!!  ♥