If Wishes Came True

I deeply miss a certain person but because of my depression (that includes avoiding everyone) that seems to linger, I’m not sure they will ever contact me again.

At one point, I was always reaching out but rarely received a response. Which is part of the reason why I stopped. I never knew where I stood or even if this person really wanted to hear from me or to get to know me on a deeper level.

I’m not sure if this person ever knew how much they affected me but my mood always brightened up after hearing or seeing them.

I really wish this person would reach out to say “Hi”, “I miss you”, “ I’m thinking about you” or tell me about what’s going on in their life.

To be honest, my life has been slowly spinning out of control for about 5 years now. Which is when I started slowly closing myself off from everyone.

I’ve lost my confidence among all this weight gain and internal frustration, which only adds to my depression. I’m trying like hell to fight thru it and build back my confidence. I’ve started to slowly lose weight but I still have more to lose before I start looking like myself. My depression is lessening but it still has a choke hold over me.

I’m determined to get thru this including losing this weight. I pray that this person will not give up on me like I gave up on myself.

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