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Heavenly Birthday

Happy Heavenly Birthday Mom! You left us way too soon with so much to be said. They say it gets easier with time but I’m not sure that’s true.

Say “Hi” and that “I love and miss everyone” for me.  Also, tell the Wright’s, Uhl’s, and Moor’s side of the family to help give me a boost in finding the missing genealogy information on each line. 😁 I could really use the help!!

I love you and miss you deeply!

~ Lisa

If Wishes Came True

I deeply miss a certain person but because of my depression (that includes avoiding everyone) that seems to linger, I’m not sure they will ever contact me again.

At one point, I was always reaching out but rarely received a response. Which is part of the reason why I stopped. I never knew where I stood or even if this person really wanted to hear from me or to get to know me on a deeper level.

I’m not sure if this person ever knew how much they affected me but my mood always brightened up after hearing or seeing them.

I really wish this person would reach out to say “Hi”, “I miss you”, “ I’m thinking about you” or tell me about what’s going on in their life.

To be honest, my life has been slowly spinning out of control for about 5 years now. Which is when I started slowly closing myself off from everyone.

I’ve lost my confidence among all this weight gain and internal frustration, which only adds to my depression. I’m trying like hell to fight thru it and build back my confidence. I’ve started to slowly lose weight but I still have more to lose before I start looking like myself. My depression is lessening but it still has a choke hold over me.

I’m determined to get thru this including losing this weight. I pray that this person will not give up on me like I gave up on myself.

Rewrite The Stars 💙

I ❤️ this song!!


You know I want you
It’s not a secret I try to hide
I know you want me
So don’t keep saying our hands are tied
You claim it’s not in the cards
Fate is pulling you miles away
And out of reach from me
But you’re here in my heart
So who can stop me if I decide
That you’re my destiny?

What if we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine
Nothing could keep us apart
You’d be the one I was meant to find
It’s up to you, and it’s up to me
No one can say what we get to be
So why don’t we rewrite the stars?
Maybe the world could be ours

You think it’s easy
You think I don’t want to run to you
But there are mountains
And there are doors that we can’t walk through
I know you’re wondering why
Because we’re able to be
Just you and me
Within these walls
But when we go outside
You’re going to wake up and see that it was hopeless after all

No one can rewrite the stars
How can you say you’ll be mine?
Everything keeps us apart
And I’m not the one you were meant to find
It’s not up to you
It’s not up to me
When everyone tells us what we can be
How can we rewrite the stars?
Say that the world can be ours

All I want is to fly with you
All I want is to fall with you
So just give me all of you

It feels impossible (it’s not impossible)
Is it impossible?

Say that it’s possible

How do we rewrite the stars?
Say you were made to be mine?
Nothing can keep us apart
‘Cause you are the one I was meant to find
It’s up to you
And it’s up to me
No one can say what we get to be
And why don’t we rewrite the stars?
Changing the world to be ours

You know I want you
It’s not a secret I try to hide
But I can’t have you
We’re bound to break and my hands are tied

Bridal Shower

The Bridal Shower was a success! ❤️👰