Archive | July 2013

♥ Bruce’s Archery Tournaments

Last week we were in Hamilton, Ohio to watch Bruce compete in the Outdoors National Archery Competition.

Even though Bruce did not do as well as he expected (due to equipment issues), he still had fun. He finally has his bow tuned and shooting gold. His next tournament is August 10th & 11th in Rensselaer, IN. It is the Northern Region Outdoor Championship/Duel in the Cornfield.


♥ Great News

I had great news waiting for me on my answering machine when we came home. My biopsy came back good. I’m feeling very relieved.

♥ Punch Biopsy

Yesterday I had a 5mm punch biopsy done on a mole that was hidden in my lilac tattoo on my breast. The mole which caught my attention on Saturday appeared to be black and since I don’t have black ink in the tattoo it popped out at me. Not sure if the mole is starting to change, making the ink appear black or what? But none the less we had it removed and sent off to the derma-pathologist. I have stitches inside the wound and on the outside but the darn thing is still seeping blood. Thankfully they gave me extra steri strips since I was still bleeding pretty good when they tried to bandage me up yesterday morning.