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♥ Gratitude

Since I was diagnosed and treated for Invasive Melanoma 2 1/2 years ago, I have learned so much about this disease. I am grateful everyday that my cancer was caught at an early stage, but I do recognize the fact that there is a chance that it could come back or that I could develop more Melanomas. I am never out of the woods nor will I ever be able to say “I am cancer free”. Once you have Melanoma, you will ALWAYS have it for the rest of your life.  Which is why for us Melanoma patients, it is so important to live a more balanced life. Our immune system plays such a HUGE role in fighting the cancer.

When the immune system weakens, Skin Cancers can skyrocket.  Arthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus and other autoimmune diseases like Fibromyalgia (where the body attacks its own organs) also increase the risk of skin cancer. Trying to find balance when my body is SO out of balance has been frustrating to say the least. Between my Fibromyalgia and my Thyroid, I am learning that I have to slow down and take care of myself when I start to feel run down (which is more & more these days). Hopefully sooner rather than later, I will find my happy balance.