Archive | April 2012

♥ It’s A Dogs Life

I woke up this morning with the sounds of Gunner snoring away like a lumber jack.  You would think by the way he is past out on my bed that he was up all night partying.  LOL 

Ahhh, to have a dogs life in my house, spoiled rotten. 


♥ Let Your Freak Flag Fly

At one point or another in all our lives, we will encounter someone who will not like us for various reasons. If you’re young & beautiful, old women will be jealous. If you’re vivacious, unhappy people will not like you. The list goes on and on…so I say let your freak flag fly proudly. Love yourself and show the world how unique you are. ♥♥


♥ Life Does Go On

Tomorrow will be one month since my dad’s passing and for better or worse, a lot has happened within this past month.  I’m still trying to find my closure with dad’s sudden passing, but my heartache is not so immobiliziing now.

Oh, by the way ~ I wanted to say “Thank You” to whomever sent me 2 unusual gifts.  Your timing couldn’t have been more perfect…a week after my dad’s passing.  You have no idea how badly I needed to laugh, so “Thank You”.