Archive | March 2012

♥ Richard Harig ~ 7/16/44 – 3/11/12 ♥

This morning I received a call from my brother just before 8:00am, letting me know that our father passed away from a heart attack early this morning at around 6:00am.  He was only 67 years old.  I’m still in shock and a bit numb. 

I do take comfort in knowing I will see him again some day.  He is now resting in peace in our Lords arms. 

I love you Dad and will miss you greatly!!

~ Love forever

Your daughter



♥ My Silence

It’s been quite some time since I have really blogged anything. Since going on the Accutane back in September, my health has been up and down with all the crappy side effects. Even after I went off the Accutane back in October due to complications from the medication, I’m still dealing with some lingering effects. My body and mind are so fatigued that it really takes too much energy to think let alone blog what is on my mind. I try to keep people informed on my Facebook, but even then, I only share the cliff notes version.

I’m hoping to find out here in the next few days about my B-12 levels and what to do going forward. My 6 month mole mapping with my skin cancer doctor is next week. She has already told me that I will be having a few moles removed that she saw at my last check up in January.

I’m still doing my water aerobics, but have missed several days due to my health. Hopefully I will be back on track again and living a productive life and blogging about it. Be patient with me and check back often. I will get back to regular blogging, but for now I’m doing the best that I can.