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I had 1 mole removed for biopsy and I have 3 moles that are being monitored, if they grow again they will have to be removed. My skin cancer doctor noticed several “new” moles around both my Melanoma scars. She looked at each mole and then took a picture of my abdomen showing all the moles. New moles that pop up around a Melanoma scar is not something you can ignore. Recurrent Melanoma is something I will always have to be careful of. Since I had a mole that came back inconclusive in the same vicinity, it is very important to stay ahead of the game.

Since my dad had Melanoma of the colon, my cancer doc thought it would be a good idea to have a Melanoma genetic test done. This test would help the doctors treat me in a more precise manner as well as be able to monitor future issues. If I am predisposed genetically, then the chances for my children are very high as well. I go back in 6 months and hopefully if all stays quiet I will be able to start a once a year program in 2013. Yea!!

My blood work came back showing my thyroid is low. So now that I am on thyroid medication, hopefully I will bounce back quickly. Damn, do I hate feeling so blah!!


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