♥ At The Powder Room

We are considering purchasing a handgun for personal protection, which is something Bruce has wanted to do for over 10 years now.  So today while we were out and about, we decided to stop by The Powder Room to take a look at what they had.  While we were there we decided to test drive 2 different handguns.  One being the Glock 17 and the other being the FNH FNP-9 handgun.  I have not held or shot a gun since I was about 12 years old when I went hunting with my step dad.  

I am not really big on guns after 2 traumatizing experiences as a kid, but I grew up with them all over my house.  My step dad owned several shotguns and Muzzle-loaders (flintlocks & sidelocks).  My parents were part of a local Mountain Men group, which was a lot of fun.  Unfortunately when I was young, I saw my step dad draw a gun on my dad in a heated argument.  Another time, after my step dad had sexually assaulted me, he told me he was going to go in the garage and shoot himself because I kept crying.  When he left my room, I was frozen with fear, especially after I heard a gunshot.  I am not sure if he was just trying to scare me or if he actually tried to shoot himself but missed.  

From that point on, I stayed away from guns.  

I had a lot of fun shooting the guns today until those memories came rushing back to me.  When I walked out of the shooting range, Bruce said I looked very out of it.  The more I start handling a gun again and getting more comfortable around them, the less power those memories will have over me.



Bruce took this short little video of me shooting an FNH handgun.

Lisa shooting with the Glock ~ 15' & 20' (approx)


Lisa shooting with the FNH ~ 15' & 20' (approx)


Bruce shooting with the Glock ~ 15' & 20' (approx)


Bruce shooting with the FNH ~ 15' & 20' (approx)

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