Archive | May 2011

♥ Gunner

Today I had to take my baby Gunner into the vets for a gnarly phlegm filled cough.  It turns out he has Kennel Cough, even though he is up to date with all his vaccines.  As it turns out, even though Gunner had his bordetella vaccine, he was still able to get sick with the Kennel Cough.   So now my baby boy is on antibiotics.

♥ Today

Today would be a good day to forgive someone in your past, look to the future and know that you are blessed.

♥ Love Your Skin

I hope those who know me or who are reading my blog for various reason learn one thing from me.  That is to be good to your skin and to love it.  Don’t misuse your skin by going into the tanning beds or laying out in the sun without sunscreen on.  The damage you do to your skin may not show up for several years down the road.  If you want a tan, use the sunless tanning lotions.

I had 3 more moles taken off today…that makes a total of 26 moles removed since October of 2009. Now we wait for the biopsies to come back. One of the moles she said was worrisome as it had a halo around it. A halo around a mole may mean the immune system recognizing a Melanoma. This is a life long battle that I just have to stay on top of.

I already have 2 large Melanoma scars along with 24 scoop scars from where they had to remove a mole for biopsy.  My scars are my daily reminder of my mistreatment of my skin.  So love your skin and your skin will love you for it.