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♥ Happy Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day everyone!! Be safe & let us all remember what today is really about. I am so very grateful for those who gave their lives so that I may have the freedom to live mine. ♥

♥ Good News

Good news…my results came back, no Melanomas.  All 3 moles were dysplastic AKA atypical (meaning the cells were changing – more prone to become Melanomas).  So thus far 26 moles removed with 12 being normal moles, 12 being dysplastic moles, and 2 being Melanoma’s.  It’s a good thing I am staying on top of them.


♥ I Prayed For You Today

I prayed for you today.
I sent you good thoughts,
surrounded you with
hope and faith and love.
I asked that you be prepared
for whatever life hands you
or whatever your going through.
I asked that your spirit be
strong and lead you and guide
you each step of the way down
every path you take.
I asked God to show you His
perfect way. I prayed for you today.

My Senior Picture

♥ Serenity Prayer

God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, Courage to change the things I can, And wisdom to know the difference.

♥ Hot Mess

I’m a hot mess!!  Recently I’ve been diagnosed as severely deficient in Vitamin D and we are now waiting on the lab results to find out where my Vitamin B12 levels are.  Since I had to have my Ileum removed in June of 2010 due to a tumor on the Ileum, my body no longer can absorb the Vitamin B12.  I will have to have Vitamin B12 shots for the rest of my life.

So now I am taking 50,000 units of Vitamin D once a week for 12 weeks, then I drop to 2,000 units a day for the rest of my life.  At the end of August my doctor will run more lab work again to see where my Vitamin D levels are, just to make sure my body is absorbing what I am taking in.

All this plus waiting for my 3 mole biopsies to come back has me more than frustrated.  I’m praying that the Halo mole that was removed is not a malignant Melanoma.

A Halo Mole (Halo Nevus) is visible as a white halo effect around a brown spot or mole — can also be associated with melanoma.  In these cases, the brown spot seems to be disappearing, but actually the body is attacking the mole or a more lethal process is actually under way — the melanoma is digging deeper leaving less of it on the surface.

I am a woman who is always so full of life and vigor but with all my health issues I’m struggling lately.  Just when I think I can catch my breath…BAM, I’m dealing with another health issue.

I can’t even go into all my heartbreaks this year or I will break down sobbing.  This has been a very harsh year thus far for me.  I can only pray that good will come my way to heal my body and my heart.