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This morning I had my 6 month full body mole scan.  I have not had a clean mole scan since all of this started back in October of 2009.  As I walked into the Central Ohio Skin & Cancer office, I could feel my heart beat faster.  I was attempting to stay positive but could feel the anxiety starting to take hold.

Once I was in the exam room and stripped of all my clothes, I started to shake.  I knew the doctor was keeping an eye on 2 moles but wasn’t sure if she was going to take them off now or wait.  I have reached a point now where I can’t even look at a damn band-aid without getting a knot in the pit of my stomach.  As she started going over my entire body, she was measuring the moles while her nurse took down the information.  After the entire scan was done, the doctor showed me one more mole that I have to watch carefully.

This was my first mole scan where I did not have anything removed.  I go back in for another 6 month mole scan in September, unless my moles change or reappear in the spots already removed.

I am breathing lighter today as well as feeling blessed.  I do have 3 moles that I do have to watch carefully, and maybe in September she will take them off.  But for now, my total moles removed stands at 23.

Stats of the moles removed are:

2 ~ Melanoma’s (1st one was non-invasive Stage 0 AKA in-situ, & 2nd one was invasive Stage 1A) moles. Both were Superficial Spreading Melanoma’s.
9 ~ Mildly dysplastic (pre-cursor for Melanoma) moles.
12 ~ Completely normal moles.



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