♥ I Am A Sensual Woman

Being a sensual woman doesn’t make me a dominatrix, stalking men to drag back to my lair.  Nor does it mean that I’ll screw everything that moves or smiles at me.  So give yourself a break if you’re wondering about the energy that you put out there.  Being statuesque, beautiful, alluring, attentive and sensual…does not a sinner make!  And unless you ARE a dominatrix stalking men, you have nothing to worry about.   Really!!

The older I get, the more self conscious I feel, though.  Overly aware of other peoples’ observations of me.  As it turns out, their observations are good ones.  I loved hearing from one woman…that I am stunning and statuesque.  From another that I have a very strong presence with an energy that people envy.  It especially has a different more healthy meaning when a woman tells me this vs. a man.

I would just like to make it clear that I choose to look at my own sensuality as holistic.  Meaning, it is all of me not just one aspect of me.  Most relate sensuality to sexuality.  That’s not necessarily true.  As much as I’d like to deny it, being or feeling sensual has impacted all areas of my life.

At the end of the day…I’m still me.  Living with the power and pleasure of being a woman.  Being true to myself gracefully.  Drawing love and positive relationships into my life.

I love my divine feminine sensual energy!


Sensuality without love is a sin; love without sensuality is worse than a sin. ~ Jose Bergamin


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