♥ The Unknown Is The Hardest

Waiting to find out whether or not I have 1 or 2 possible Melanoma’s is absolutely maddening!!  I have been gorging out on brownies, cookies, ice cream, pizza, and Mt. Dew without doing any of my workouts as a way to calm my nerves.

Here is what I’m looking at in terms of my 2 returning dysplastic moles.  They will either be returning dysplatic moles because the 1st shave biopsy did not get all the cells even though the biopsy report read free & clear. I am praying that this is the case!! Or…I am looking at Melanoma!! If it is Melanoma, I am hoping that it will be either In-Situ or 1A.  Anything after 1A will require treatments of chemo, radiation, or high doses or Interferon.

Now, there is a possibility that I could get a false-positive Melanoma because of the 1st shave biopsy distorting the 2nd biopsy.  But since they have my 1st shave biopsy, they will have a more precise determination.

I should find out this coming week what the results are.  Pray that I am healthy and well.

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