♥ When Will This Madness Stop!!!

A couple weeks ago while doing my monthly mole check, Bruce found a mole that was removed back in December of 2009 that had grown back.  I went through my paperwork and found that is was one of the 9 mildly dysplatic nevus.  These moles are the precursor to Melanoma.

So since I had my next mole mapping on March 7th, we figured we would just watch it and if it grew bigger before my mole mapping I would call Dr. Nash’s office and be seen.  Well, then Saturday night Bruce noticed yet another mole that was removed had grown back.  This one too was a mildly dysplatic nevus.  The mole that grew back is definitely larger in size with pigment loss in the center…not a good sign.

I called the doctor this morning and was transferred to the nurse’s triage department because the scheduling department did not see an opening for several weeks.  The scheduling nurse did say that most likely I will have to have surgery on both moles to make sure we remove all the bad cells.  Dr. Nash’s nurse called me back within an hour and had me scheduled for 9:30 am on January 18th, 2011 in the Powell location to be seen.  I am not sure if I will be having the moles removed tomorrow or if she will be just assessing them and then scheduling the surgery.  Either way, they have to come off and biopsied again.


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