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♥ Not Out Of The Woods Yet…

So, while doing my monthly mole check the other day, I found another mole that will have to be cut out and biopsied.  I am not out of the woods yet with my Melanoma skin cancer. My next mole check up is March 7th, 2011, so I will be watching this new mole closely.  Especially since the center is losing color just like the other two Melanoma’s I’ve already had.

UPDATE: I go in on December 3rd, 2010 to have the mole removed.  The doctor felt it was something that needed to be removed now instead of waiting.  So, once they take out the mole, I get to sit on pins and needles for about 10 days or so.  Wish me luck!!

♥ Happy Veteran’s Day

Thank you to those brave men and women who have served and those who are serving our beautiful country.  I for one am very grateful for their sacrifices.
♥ There is a special place in my heart for one particular hero. ♥