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♥ A Woman Is

A woman is a sight of beauty
The curve of her smile
The sparkle in her eyes

The warmth of her mouth as it presses tenderly against your skin
The wetness of her treasure
The joy of her pleasure

A woman is a sight of beauty
When she is entwined in the arms of her lover
For you will see the joys of forever

Written by yours truly: Lisa Westbrook


♥ Blessings

It has been quite some time since I have blogged anything on here.  Life seems to get busier and busier as the kids get older.  Alec is entering 10th grade and seems to be at the perfect age where he “knows it all”.  Courtney is entering 8th grade and will be enjoying her 2nd year in track.  Nicole is entering 7th grade and will be enjoying her first year in volleyball.  While Bruce and I are trying our best to survive these “wonderful” teenage years without going bonkers.

In October of 2009, I was diagnosed with Melanoma skin cancer.  It was In-Situ (Stage 0), which just required removal of the surrounding skin down to the muscles.  Then in February of 2010, I was diagnosed with my 2nd Melanoma skin cancer.  It was Stage 1A, which required removal of the surrounding skin down to the muscles again.  This time, there is a chance of this Melanoma coming back.  Then in June of 2010, the doctors discovered a mass in my abdomen.  After doing exploratory surgery, they discovered the mass was a tumor.  So I had to go back into surgery where they performed a partial right hemicolectomy.  After removing about 6 inches of my intestines, my appendix, the tumor, the cecum, and 4 enlarged lymph nodes they put me back together again.  The pathology report came back all benign.  Whew!!  While they were in my abdomen cavity they discovered I also had a “Meckel’s Diverticulum” which they also removed.  The doctor said that he enjoyed operating on me because all my organs were easily accessible.  He also made note that he could see the OR lights through my skin due to very little body fat.  I am now doing so much better.

Thus far, 2010 seems to be a year focused on my health.  Here is hoping the remaining months of 2010 will be healthy and invigorating.

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