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♥ The Ford Focus vs. The School Bus

Well today as I was getting ready for my aquatics class I had more than a passing thought that Bruce might have gotten into an accident. I convinced myself that it was a fleeting thought and I quickly let it pass through my mind. I came down and checked my email for my morning I love you from Bruce and no email…hmmm. I then looked to see if he was on his gmail chat, nope not on the chat. Well, I thought he might have had a morning meeting that he was running late for. So I still kept that nasty thought of the accident at bay in my head. Then I get a call from Bruce at work, which in the morning is unusual. He usually just emails me knowing I am busy getting ready unless it is important. He WAS in an accident with no less a school bus. Alec’s school bus to be precise…the school bus driver literally ran over Bruce’s car and thankfully missed Bruce himself. Bruce is okay and no kids were hurt. Not even the school bus was scratched, but Bruce’s car was not so lucky. We are counting our lucky stars that no one was hurt. A car can be fixed or replaced, but no one can replace my dear husband or my dear son!!

Note: Bruce wants it to be stated that the bus driver took full responsibility for the accident. We have to give her credit, she did the right thing and owned it unlike so many people today.