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♥ Walk For MS


With Lisa’s recent MS scare the past few months she’s been doing a lot of research into the disease. We are so very thankful to have finally ruled it out just this past week after her final MRI and Neurologist visits. However, we know some people who have been affected by MS in their lives to one degree or another. One of them is Liz, who has two family members with MS. She arranges a team to do a MS walk each year and we’ve decided to join her and many of our other friends to do that walk this year as a family.

If you care to, we’d be very happy to anyone who’d like to donate to a worthy cause through our walk. Feel free to follow any of our family member’s donation links below and make any size donation. Donations are, of course, tax deductible.

The walk is April 12th at the Columbus Zoo. You can donate anytime before that date.

Donate on behalf of Nicole

Donate on behalf of Courtney

Donate on behalf of Alec

Donate on behalf of Lisa

Donate on behalf of Bruce