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Why did you start this site anyway?

I (Bruce) created a site back in 1997 on our Earthlink free webspace to learn HTML. I'm a geek at heart, and it was something new and fun to do. Back in the "early days" it was just for fun and to see if I could string some HTML together and see if anything came out on the browser end. In 2000, we purchased our own domain name and I began coding Version 2.0 of our website to improve my skills with my HTML hobby.

Then in 2003 I revamped the site again and out came version 3.0 our our site. Lisa started taking an interest in putting her own information on the site at that time as well. So we began using this as a tool to document parts of our life and share it with family and friends. So in a sense our website became an early adapter of "blogging", something that's done almost without thought today.

I believe that personal growth doesn't fully occur unless you take the time to look over where you've been in order to appreciate where you are -- and ensure you're still headed in the right direction. So many people in this world seem to constantly repeat the same mistakes without learning after the first, second or even third time. We're in no means perfect in that sense, but hey, at least we're aware of that fact! :)

Ok, with all that being said, this site is a tool not only to keep family and friends updated but to also provide some insight into ourselves. Like a journal, its only a snapshot in time but it's a great place to start. Hopefully it will be of value not only to us but sometimes to you as well - whether it makes you laugh, cry or snicker. :)

Today in July 2005 we're introducing our latest revision. This time around we've changed the complete look of the site to a lighter, happier color tone, based on Lisa's favorite color (purple) and her nick-namesake (lilac). So welcome to version 4.0 of!

What tools did you use to make this site?

The Soft: UltraEdit32, PhotoShop
The Hard: Dell Dimension 8100 PC, DSL 1.5mb Internet connection
QA Testing: IE 5, IE 6, Firefox

Do you do this for a living?

Aw, c'mon, the site's not that good (yet)! While I am a techie in the working world, I don't do web development for a living. In fact, I think I would go very broke trying to! This is just a fun hobby for me.

Other questions

Look through the rest of the site, especially our family and personal biographies (Lisa or Bruce) as well as our About This Site page. These areas may answer more questions you may have about us. If not, feel free to give ask us questions on our feedback form.

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