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Identity Theft Quiz

Welcome to the Identity Theft Quiz. These questions are meant to show your current susceptibility to identity theft. Please note that I don’t collect or store any of the information given by you, so be true to yourself.

Question 1: I receive several pre-approved credit offers every month.

Yes – I love the attention!


Question 2: I receive several convenience checks in the mail (from credit card companies) every month.

Yes – money, money money!

No – baaaad debt

Question 3: If I receive credit offers or convenience checks, I shred them all.

Yes, absolutely

No – maybe I should use the credit to buy a shredder?

Question 4: I carry my social security card in my wallet.

Yes – papers puhleeze!


Question 5: I have a locked or otherwise secured mailbox or P.O. box in which to receive mail.

Yes – to keep good people honest and bad people at bay

No – why would I not trust my neighbors?

Question 6: I leave mail for pick-up in an open box at work, clipped to a mailbox or in an unlocked mailbox at my home.



Question 7: I carry my military ID or Medicare card in my wallet at all times.

Yes – paaaapers puhleeze!!


Question 8: I crosscut shred banking and credit information when I throw it in the trash.


No – uh, about that shredder…

Question 9: I provide my social security number whenever asked, without asking how the information will be safeguarded or why it is necessary for them to have it in the first place.

Absolutely – would you like a picture and thumbprint with that too?

No way

Question 10: I check for people who might be listening when giving out personal information, such as bank account information, social security number, credit card number, mother’s maiden name, etc.

Yes – you never know who may be eavesdropping

No – I even scream it from the hilltops!

Question 11: My social security number is publicly displayed or used at work of school (timecards, receipts, badges).

Yes – I am worker #395-40-2709


Question 12: I have my social security number or driverís license number printed on my personal checks.

Yup – it sure saves time!

No way

Question 13: My social security number is also my driverís license number and I have made no effort to change that.

Yes – at least I don’t have to remember yet another number


Question 14: I carry my insurance card in my wallet and either my social security number or that of my spouse is the ID number.


No, my insurance number is completely different

Question 15: I have ordered and reviewed a copy of my credit report in the past 12 months.

Yes I have

Nope – you can do that?

Question 16: It’s actually been over two years since I orderd and reviewed my credit report.

Yup…I think – what’s a credit report?

No way, I’ve checked it at least once in the past 24 months

Question 17: I don’t believe people would root around in my trash looking for credit or financial information.

No way, why would they do that? Gross!

I think there’s people out there that do exactly that.

Question 18: I am connected to the internet but do not have (or know if I have) firewall software.

True – a fire-what?

False – I’m locked up like Fort Knox

Question 19: I have opted out of marketing lists through my bank and at the 888-5OPT-OUT number.

Yup, been there, done that

Nope, I enjoy the calls

Question 20: I keep an eye on my credit cards whenever they leave my hands to avoid skimming.

Yes, whenever possible

No – what’s skimming?

Question 21: I do not respond to Internet scams and hang up on telephone solicitors.

I can’t hear you, la la la la la la…

No – I’m lonely and enjoy the conversation

Question 22: I keep personal identifying information in a locked or protected area of my home, one that visitors cannot access.

True – I trust no one!

No way, what do I look like, Fort Knox?

Question 23: I use a credit alerting system that tells me of any changes to my credit reports on a weekly basis.

Yes I do


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