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This is just my page to keep some quick notes about various things:

Linux Commands
Linux Services

nmap scan, no pinging (P0), verbose (v), determine OS (A), do it fast (T4)
[quickcode:noclick]nmap -P0 -v -A -T4 [ip_address] /-iL [file_with_IP_addresses][/quickcode]

Simple ping sweep
[quickcode:noclick]nmap -sP [ip_address][/quickcode]

Shows listening programs & port numbers
[quickcode:noclick]netstat -luntp [/quickcode]

List with packet counts for rules (v) & numeric ports instead of names (n)
[quickcode:noclick]iptables -vnL[/quickcode]

Clear packet counts
[quickcode:noclick]iptables -Z

List the NAT/Mangle table
[quickcode:noclick]iptables -T nat -vnL

DNS zone transfer:
[quickcode:noclick]dig DOMAIN_NAME AXFR
** or **

BIND version:
[quickcode:noclick]dig @DNS_SERVER txt chaos version.bind

DNS Start of Authority record:
[quickcode:noclick]dig @DNS_SERVER DOMAIN_NAME soa

To hunt down a process that’s listening, run netstat -nao to find the port and PID you’re interested in, then run tasklist to correlate the PID to the executable (in Linux you can do this all in one command — “netstat -l -v –numericports” — but in Windows it takes two.
[quickcode:noclick]netstat -nao

For a complete batch file to run in intervals, see my posting here…

Remote Desktop to the “console” session (only good on W2k3 or later):
[quickcode:noclick]mstsc /console /v:SERVER

Good WordPress tutorials, including adding quicktag toolbar buttons

Hydra password cracking:

  1. Download Hydra for Win32 from:
  2. Extract the zip file
  3. Get a dictionary list to try first. Go to
  4. Unzip the cracklib wordlist into your hydra directory
  5. Open a Command Prompt
  6. Navigate to the hydra extracted directory

Example syntax:
[quickcode:noclick]hydra -l admin -P cracklib-words -m “″ https-head
hydra -S -s 10443 -l admin -P cracklib-words -m “https://endian:10443/cgi-bin/index.cgi” endian https-head

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