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New Handgun — Home Defense & Recreational Fun


So I’ve been thinking about getting some type of home protection weapon for a few years now.  With all the craziness in the world and the various stalking issues that we’ve been put through, it’s been nudging at me for a while.  With the kids older and mature enough to understand the respect such a tool must be given, Lisa and I started seriously considering the option a few months ago.  We did our research, checked out several shooting ranges and shot about 400 rounds through 5 different pistols to get a feel for what we wanted.

We finally bit the bullet on Saturday.

While we were out riding around town and running some errands, we decided to stop by Vance Outdoors just to see if they had our handgun of choice — a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm.

Since having settled on the M&P as our home defense handgun, we found that they’re pretty dang hard to get your hands on right now.  The more we researched the more we found just how good the pistol is.  Seems Smith & Wesson is getting hammered with orders from law enforcement and military around the world.  Will it give the venerable Glock a run for it’s glory?  Only time will tell I suppose.

Three other local gun shops and most of the Internet don’t have these handguns in stock, so we had little hope that Vance’s would. But lo and behold, they had two of them!  They didn’t have the box kit that I was thinking we’d get (extra magazine, a fast loader and a holster), but what they did have was a “special-ops” version that isn’t even on the Smith & Wesson website as a normal model.  It comes with the threaded barrel (for a suppressor), no mag lock, no internal lock, plus night sights pre-installed — and it was on sale for less then what I would have ended up paying for the standard  gun plus installation of the night sights post-purchase.  Nice!

We bought it on the spot.  :-)

We’ll be putting the first rounds through it later this week.  I can’t wait!

Next up, we’ll be going through the CCW (concealed carry weapon class) for the right to carry if we want to.  We also plan to take some one-on-one shooting lessons with the great folks over at the Powder Room.  In the meantime, as soon as we get a few rounds through it ourselves, we’ll be taking each of the kids out to the range to teach them about gun safety.  We believe that knowledge is power and ignorance is NOT bliss — particularly with a weapon in the house.

Still, that being said and done…the quick open (digital key pad) gun safe will be installed shortly too.


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1 Response to New Handgun — Home Defense & Recreational Fun

  1. CircusNinja (John Lilley)

    Way to go, threaded barrel is a nice bonus. I am partial to my HK USP .45 as I am already pretty solid with a firearm and the added stopping power of a .45 is nice.

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