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No More Monitor Envy


Last week I broke down and gave myself a couple of gifts and last night they arrived – a new monitor and video card. It’s been several years since I’ve played computer games to any real extent but recently I finally got around to playing Half-Life 2. Yes, I hear you laughing now, given that the game is a few years old – but I loved the original Half-Life and wanted to play something with my son. I bought the Orange Box edition for myself and found that my imbedded Intel video chipset with software rendering was just good enough to make it through Half-Life 2 and Episode One, but choked on Episode Two.

Then my very good friend Ralph got me into World of Warcraft. A decade ago when the first real MMORPG came out (the classic Ultima Online) he and I would play for hours and hours on end. We played through the BETA into Version 1 and onward. A year later I realized how much time I had spent on that game and away from other things in life and stopped playing most games all together.

A decade older and wiser now I can handle my enthusiasm and dedication to such a gaming world a bit more maturely – or at least my wife believes so, so it must be true thankfully! LOL

So late last week I headed off to Tiger Direct and purchased both an EVGA NVidia GeForce 9600 GT video card to get through Half-Life Episode Two, and a Viewsonic VX2240w 22″ LCD monitor to get past my monitor envy. The doting geek husband that I am, I had already bought my wife a Viewsonic VX2235wm almost a year ago exactly when I last rebuilt her Windows PC. At the time her monitor went on the fritz so we went out and bought her a new wide-screen LCD monitor and I’ve been envious ever since. She also already runs an older GeForce card in her system. Heck, her box could run games and mine couldn’t! haha

The only difference between our two model of monitors is that hers (VX2235wm) has built-in speakers (which she doesn’t use nor have we every even tried out, given her nice 3-way speaker system already) and that mine (VX2240w) has a better video response (2ms versus her 5ms) for gaming.

Hooking up the VX2240w to my new GeForce 9600GT ended up to be a beautiful pairing of hardware! While neither are top of the line in today’s world, they are perfectly matched to my needs and met my budget considerations. So far I’m delighted at my new setup!

The only complaint I have is more aesthetic then anything. I don’t quite like is the silver plastic on the bottom of the monitor. I think it would be much nicer in black, like how the VX2235wm is. Leaving the entire casing in black allows my eyes to focus more on the screen, while the silver is somewhat distracting – particularly with an all black system setup. A very small gripe in context of everything though. The picture is clear and crisp while the colors are very vibrant.

Oh, and just so it’s said – I did not leave Lisa out in my hardware purchase. I also tripled her RAM in the process! With her all day iTunes listening habit and 10-tab Firefox browsing, she’s been running low on memory. I just couldn’t leave her out while dropping several C-notes on myself.

No more monitor envy!

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1 Response to No More Monitor Envy

  1. Lisa

    Now I don’t have to hear you whine…FINALLY!! I have triple the memory now…you know how I like things in three’s. ;) Thanxs!!

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