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This has got to be the coolest marketing ploy by a vendor! Microsoft and HP have actually created a book for children to help them understand why there’s a server in the house. Absolutely phenomenal!!

That, or I’m extremely easily amused…hmmm…probably both. :)

The book and the accompanying website is ridiculously funny, in a very clever but almost disturbing manner. Is this an attempt at some very flashy, glossy viral marketing by some new marketing folks at MS and HP?

You decide!

You can actually purchase the book at Amazon here. Although when I checked, there were none in stock. If I could only get my hands on one and then slip it into the kids bookshelf undetected. I can see the scenario playing out now…Mommy heads into the bedroom…

“Okay kids, let’s read a bedtime story.” Mommy reaches up and grabs a random book. “This one is called, ‘Mommy, Why is There a Server in the House?’…okay…wait…WTF??”

“Mommy, you said a bad word! You get a time out and a dollar in the swear jar!”

“@#$%$…BRUCE!!! @##$*&!!”

“*gasp*, Mommy! You did it again!”

Crazy funny…just how I like it!

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