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Just for kicks, I thought I’d do a little informal spam statistics for my own primary email account on GMail. From August 13 @ 3pm through September 4 @ 9am, I collected, tagged, and archived all the spam email that I received. Over the course of these 23 days, I received just 718 spam emails. Based on my experience over the years with other email systems and clients, I’d have to say that either; (1) my primary email address is not on too many spam lists, even though I’ve had it for about 8 years now, or (2) GMail is doing some basic filtering of blatantly obvious spam before it ever reaches the GMail accounts.

But given the spam I did receive, here’s how it breaks down:

Category Total # Rcvd. Percentage Avg. Per Day
Penis Enlargement 287 39.9% 12.47
Pharmaceutical 220 30.6% 9.56
Girls / Porn 63 8.7% 2.73
Rolex / Watches 47 6.5% 2.04
Graphical 31 4.3% 1.34
Mortgage / Loans 20 2.7% 0.86
Gambling / Casinos 15 2.0% 0.65
Sofware 13 1.8% 0.56
Penny Stocks 11 1.5% 0.47
Misc 8 1.1% 0.34
Education 6 0.8% 0.25

From this small sampling I would summarize that on the whole, English speaking people have a stiff fascination with the size of their respective penises, and with the ever increasing prices of medications we are quite willing to look to a “black-market” of sorts for alternative ways to purchase needed (or simply desired) medications.

I wonder how my statistics line up with what others have seen?

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