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K2 Sidebar Modules – Broken?

For those attuned to such matters, you’ll notice that I am not running the latest version of K2 on The Geek Blog and therefore I don’t have the Sidebar Modules. So why am I writing about this? Because I am running our main family website on K2 v0.9.1 which DOES include this function. And there seems to be a problem with the code.

It’s a really cool inclusion to K2 that allows you to graphically manipulate the sidebar instead of manually editing the code like I do for The Geek Blog. It’s basically the widgets plugin included into the code.

But there seems to be some bugs with it in relation to some plugins. It worked fine for me, and after setting it up and adding some other plugins over time, when I went back to the management interface for the sidebar modules, it was empty. Huh? The site was still functioning properly with the sidebar modules visible and working, but the management interface within the Presentation tab was empty – as if no modules were enabled.

I first did a quick Google to see if there was an easy solution. I found a lot of other people complaining about this same issue – for instance, see here and here.

Simply disabling the K2 theme and re-enabling as one of the suggestions indicated didn’t work, nor did simply refreshing the page a couple of times. I didn’t want to take the lengthy step of disabling K2, uninstalling it completely, wiping the database, and then putting everything back as someone else suggested. That was too drastic and reminded me of newbie sysadmins who, when something doesn’t work right, simply reinstall an entire operating system.

Instead I entered troubleshooting mode and starting looking at my plugins, since many of the comments revolved around them. After first deactivating ALL my plugins the Sidebars reappeared in the administration panel. Tada! One by one I narrowed it down to one particular plugin – a recent version of StatTraq from

Those having this issue might want to see if they use this plugin and if disabling it allows the administration panel to work again. I found I can leave StatTraq running, and just disable it for a few moments whenever I need to admin the Sidebar Modules. Those who don’t use StatTraq may want to follow the same process of disabling all plugins and then re-enabling them one by one to narrow down which one (or more then one) is causing the issue for them.

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