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♥ We are relieved…whew!!!

September 24th, 2008 . by Lisa Westbrook

For the past two weeks my family (my mom and step-dad, brother and myself) have been very worried that my step-dad might have Leukemia.  He has been in and out of the hospital for several months now, only to get worse as each day passes.  About two weeks ago now, they rushed him in for immediate admittance and started running test after test.  The last test was a bone marrow biopsy.  Cancer was the word no one wanted to say…my step-dad has been getting blood transfusions ever since he had a blood clot in his leg several months ago and was put on Coumidin.   Well, to make this long story short…the bone marrow biopsy came back slightly off but nothing showing cancer.  So they are going to watch him VERY closely and monitor him every two weeks.  He may have to do another bone marrow biopsy and more invasive tests.  We are hoping that it is the Coumidin that is throwing everything off and that he really does not have an illness.  My step-dad lost his oldest son (Eric)  of a massive heart attack at the age of 40 last month, we can only pray that Eric is watching over his dad now.


♥ September Wishes!!

September 2nd, 2008 . by Lisa Westbrook

Wow…Summer has slipped away and we are now into September.  School has started and 2008 is closer to a close.  We would like to wish two very important people in our lives HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Ralph - Bruce’s best friend (oh the stories) ~ Happy Birthday young man!!
Amy G - Our diva who we could not live without.  She keeps me hooked up with all the awesome music, pictures and of course she knows how to roll!! ~ Happy Birthday Princess!!

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♥ Our August Birthday’s

August 11th, 2008 . by Lisa Westbrook

This is a busy month for birthday’s in our family.  Even if you’re our friends we consider you family, so to honor our family we would like to wish you all some birthday wishes!!

Auntie Timmerman (my aunt) - Happy Birthday!!
Sue Harig (my step mom) - Happy Birthday!! 
Deb Sidle - our dear friend in SUNNY Florida Happy Birthday (wish we were there)!!
Valarie - our dear friend in SUNNY Florida Happy Birthday!!
Laura Barry - our dearest friend Happy Birthday!!
Mom - my mom Happy Birthday!!
To honor my step brother who past away on August 3, 2008 of a massive heart attack at the age of 40.  I would like to say Thank you Eric for being a part of my life.  For being in Bruce and my wedding, for serving in Desert Storm and protecting America.  I am glad that when I had my first car accident that it was you that I smashed into and not some random stranger…I am also glad no one was hurt.  I will miss you and I know you are watching over everyone from above.  Eric, proudly served 4 years in the Marines and then 5 years in the Army National Guard…I love you!!  


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♥♥ Happy Birthday’s for the month of June!!

June 1st, 2008 . by Lisa Westbrook

This is a special month here at the Westbrook castle. We would like to say “Happy Birthday” to some very special people in our lives!!

Bruce is celebrating a forever “young” birthday!!
Dawn my cousin is another year younger!!
George my step-dad is another year younger!!
Matt our friend from the good ol’days is still young!!
Uncle Orvin (my uncle) is getter younger every year!!
Annalise my niece is 3 years old and cute as a button!!


Celebration shout outs!!

November 14th, 2007 . by Lisa Westbrook

As the holiday season quickly approaches, I want to give some celebration shout outs to some loved one!!

Happy Anniversary to my brother Scott and Darci!!

Happy Birthday to my niece Izzy!!

Happy Birthday to my niece Stephanie!!

Happy Birthday to my 2nd cousin Brett!!

What a busy month, whew!! We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season. We know we will here in the Westbrook home.


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