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♥ April Birthdays

May 30th, 2009 . by Lisa Westbrook

Wow…I have been such a slacker on keeping our family blog updated. 

We only have one birthday to announce.

Happy Birthday to my girlfriend Angela.  She is so totally beautiful no matter what age she turns.  



♥ March Love

March 20th, 2009 . by Lisa Westbrook

I have been a slacker…geez!! 

We have a few birthday’s for the month of March that we would like to acknowledge.  


Kurt (Bruce’s boss) enjoyed another year younger.  

Jacob (my 2nd cousin) celebrated his birthday with the luck of the Irish.

Eric (my late brother) would have celebrated his 41st birthday this month.  Sadly he was taken from us in August of 2008.


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♥Happy Birthday Courtney♥

February 5th, 2009 . by Lisa Westbrook

Today is Courtney’s 13th birthday!!  She is now officially a teen.  It was only yesterday I was giving birth to her at 2 a.m.  You are our precious girl no matter what your age!!  We love you!!


♥ January Birthday Wish!!

January 10th, 2009 . by Lisa Westbrook

We would like to wish a very special person to me a Happy Birthday!! 

Estelle who is my sister from another mother and father!!  We love you girl!!  Happy Birthday and it is my pleasure and honor to be your sister!!   Goose and Juice baby!!


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♥ Alec’s Award Ceremony

December 12th, 2008 . by Lisa Westbrook

Today was Alec’s award ceremony for his essay that he won 2nd place in.  His teacher asked him along with 2 other students to write an essay for the Patriot’s Pen.  The theme was “Why America’s Veterans Should Be Honored”.  In an earlier blog I posted Alec’s essay if you wanted to go back and read his writing. 

Alec received a certificate and some money for his essay.  It was wonderful to see Alec learn on his own about Veterans and then put his thoughts down on paper.  With both Bruce and I having immediate family that have served in the military (Army, Marines, National Guard, and Air Force) it touched both our hearts to read his words. 

I would like to say a public “Thank You” to all those who have and are are serving our Country in one capacity or another.  I would also like to say a very personal “Thank You” to my uncle out in Seattle, WA who served in the Army in Vietnam, to my father in Dunnellon, FL who served in the Air Force (stationed at Hickam A.F.B.), to my late step-brother who served first in the Marines (Desert Shield & Desert Storm) and then in the National Guard.  Then to Bruce’s father in South Carolina, who served in the Army during Vietnam stationed in Germany.

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