The Westbrooks
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The Westbrooks

♥ Alec’s Poem

February 18th, 2009 . by Lisa Westbrook

Alec has entered a 2nd writing contest on the request of his English teacher.  This poem has been sent up to the State level.  We are now waiting to see where it goes from here…


The destruction and recreation of waves were in effect
even before God’s ability to create life
While the ageless and powdery sand
curls between your feet

The silky spray of mist
licks your face

The warm breath of the sea air
rushes across your body
and your eyes, welded onto the
seamless moon lit sky
Nothing but the sound of
crashing suds of water
And the inhalation of freshness
This is what a dream would picture like
but it is reality
which only exists in
one location

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