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♥ Alec won second place in a local writing contest…Why American Veterans Should Be Honored. We are so proud of him!!

November 13th, 2008 . by Lisa Westbrook

Why American Veterans Should Be Honored


An American veteran: a person who fought or is fighting for his country with honor and passion. American Veterans should be honored because they are the ones who are brave enough to stand up for this country and to fight for it. The many wars they fought, such as World War II, helped protect this country and made it stronger. American Veterans are the people who give hope and freedom to the people who live here.

I feel that the veterans should be honored because they are the people who will influence other people to help stand for this country’s rights and freedoms. These influential people will make this country even stronger than it already is and protect it even better. An example of what we would be like if we did not honor our veterans would mean fewer people would gain interest in fighting for our rights, and soon after, we would be defeated by an invading army. Veterans are also very important to people’s lives because they could tell stories of what the world was like while they served. They influence kids and encourage them to become involved with our military.

Veterans here lived through many tough times. The veterans should feel appreciated for what they did or are doing because they are doing something that most people wouldn’t normally do, which will make us stronger. The veterans also play an even bigger part in teaching the next generation helpful insights, and we learn what kind of things could go wrong and how to be prepared for the possibility of things going terribly wrong.

Veterans are almost the same as everyday people; they have a family and a job, but the only thing that makes them different from the rest of us is that they were brave enough to stand up and do what everyday people wouldn’t dare to do. They put their lives at stake for complete strangers, even for our own lives, in order for them to be protected; these are the main reasons why American Veterans should be honored.


Alec’s school is having an award ceremony and he is going to meet the military officer whom I believe picked the winners.  Alec takes after his father when it comes to writing.  I am such a proud mother. 


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