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♥ Our August Birthday’s

August 11th, 2008 . by Lisa Westbrook

This is a busy month for birthday’s in our family.  Even if you’re our friends we consider you family, so to honor our family we would like to wish you all some birthday wishes!!

Auntie Timmerman (my aunt) - Happy Birthday!!
Sue Harig (my step mom) - Happy Birthday!! 
Deb Sidle - our dear friend in SUNNY Florida Happy Birthday (wish we were there)!!
Valarie - our dear friend in SUNNY Florida Happy Birthday!!
Laura Barry - our dearest friend Happy Birthday!!
Mom - my mom Happy Birthday!!
To honor my step brother who past away on August 3, 2008 of a massive heart attack at the age of 40.  I would like to say Thank you Eric for being a part of my life.  For being in Bruce and my wedding, for serving in Desert Storm and protecting America.  I am glad that when I had my first car accident that it was you that I smashed into and not some random stranger…I am also glad no one was hurt.  I will miss you and I know you are watching over everyone from above.  Eric, proudly served 4 years in the Marines and then 5 years in the Army National Guard…I love you!!  


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