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New & Improved!

December 30th, 2007 . by Bruce


A long-time close friend of mine (hey Ralph!) sent me an email the other day asking about my thoughts for an easy to use application to update their family website with. At first I thought of, but then I realized that wordpress offers free hosting for their content management system. What could be easier!

Well, that got me looking at our site and checking our versions - and lo and behold, the main site was sitting back on v2.1.1 when 2.3.2. is now out! That of course got my geek blood going and I had to get our stuff upgraded to take advantage of new fun features. And that also got both Lisa and I looking at new themes for the site.

In the end I actually decided to remove the K2 subsystem from this main blog and go back to just simple themes and a few plugins.

So here we are now on v2.3.2 and a nice bright new theme! Enjoy! :-)