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About Time….

March 24th, 2007 . by Bruce

…we added something again. Let’s see what we’ve missed over the past couple of months of lag time.

Exploding Cake

  • Courtney had her 11th birthday!
  • Nicole had her 10th birthday!

Other then birthdays, not much has been going on at the Westbrook home in Ohio. Bruce did earn his CISM designation, which just proves how much more certifiable he is - haha. Lisa continues to work during school hours booking John Casablanca models and speakers. And the kids are growing and learning more and more.

Chad Reed, our Supercross hero, is sadly not quite able to stick it to James “I’ll run you off the track” Stewart. Chad continues strong in 2nd place, but we’re not giving up on him to pull out to first place!

Finally, Lisa has decided to start blogging again. We created a pretty new blog just for her enjoyment - check out her “Slice of Heaven” at Lilac Petals.