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History of Site Changes

November 25th, 2006 . by Bruce

I thought I’d put together a little “time machine” for our website in the same vein as the Internet Way Back Machine. Since 1997 we’ve been through 4 iterations of our website, with this now being our fifth.

So let’s take a little look back at what we looked like in the past and how the site evolved over the years. We’ll start with version 1.0 in 1999, since the only one we don’t have any longer is our original Earthlink page from 1997-1999 (you can see I was busy with the site in 2002).

If you hover over the links you’ll see a cool little preview bubble of what the site looks like at that time. Click the link and you’ll see the actual site, with most of the functionality still intact.



Happy Thanksgiving!

November 24th, 2006 . by Bruce

Happy Thanksgiving!
Just a quick Happy Turkey Day to all our friends and family!

More Soon to Come!

November 22nd, 2006 . by Bruce

We’ve updated the pics! The following is now linked to the corresponding picture page.

We will have some new pics up soon, with Halloween, a trip to Hocking Hills and Lisa’s recent attempt to go as a red-head.


In the meantime, check out Bruce’s Geek Blog. He’s started updating that more often now. In fact, why don’t you go check out his blog entry about Identity Theft. He’s even put up an electronic version of a quiz so you can see how susceptible you may be to having your identity stolen.

Take care and enjoy your day/night! - Version 5.0

November 21st, 2006 . by Bruce

New and Improved

Yet again, it’s time for a fresh new look to!

We’ve been online since 1997 — wow! 10 years and counting. And over that time we’ve been through 4 iterations of websites. And now comes our fifth! With the advent of blogging technologies it’s become apparent that Bruce’s antiquated way of updating the site was becoming, well…antiquated.
Bruce updated his section of our website about a year ago in December 2005. Using a new content management system (CMS) called WordPress he’s been playing and tweaking with it ever since. And now with version 2.0.5 released and K2 almost ready for a version 1.0 release, we figured it was time to update the main site as well.

So here we are now with a completely new look and feel. It will allow us all to much more easily add entries to the site…even the kids. And just in time for the Holidays!

Bear with us though as we get used to the site ourselves, and as we add/remove various plugins and extras. The site will be in quite a bit of flux over the next few weeks.

To all our friends and family, we hope you come back often and enjoy a long distance glimpse into our lives! And to all other visitors, we hope you enjoy your time spent here!