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TheWestbrooks.com is the personal Web site of Bruce and Leslie (Lisa) Westbrook. This is us without regrets or the need to ask forgiveness. There may be times where the content may be ambiguous or contradictory but we are all complex individuals, with all the issues that come with life's experiences. If the content comes as a suprise at times, it simply means that we're continuing to grow and change, and isn't that what life is all about?

We are not here to make any world-changing philosiphical remarks, to defend our personal decisions in life, to spew rumors or gossip, or to make any real difference in anyone's life. We're simply here to enjoy the pleasure of talking about ourselves and allowing our far-away friends and family to have a glimpse into our lives and our thoughts.

To that end, this site is just what it is... a very small footprint in a very large world.

-- Bruce and Lisa

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